Shadows in the cave, New Media Art Exhibit

July 21, 2010

Produced by MEDIARS Shadows in the cave is the new media art exhibit at the  Rieti Sotterranea associated at the 2nd edition of the International Workshop on New Media Art and Culture.

artworks exhibited at the show:

Sensi d’Acqua

Anne Herlihy
Daniel Lint
Paola Mileto
Yoshie Sakai

Sensi d'Acqua

it’s a group project developed during the workshop, MEDIARS supported the production in all phases.

We see our emotions echoed in nature, and imagine that nature may be sensitive to our existence. Throughout history, in myth and literature, this reflection has been a source of artistic inspiration.
As visiting artists we were struck in particular by the significance of water to the cultural history of Rieti province. In our exploration, we encountered water in all of its many guises. Our installation transcends our cultural differences by demonstrating that each of us can find our moods mirrored in the many sounds and images of water’s expression.

Anne Herlihy is an artist from Santa Monica California who learned about the program through involvement in an upcoming exhibition in Santa Monica called GLOW 2010 for which she will be creating an interactive installation. New to interactive artwork, she welcomed the chance to learn from Alessandro, and the many experienced lecturers presenting at the workshop.

Daniel Lint arrived from San Francisco, a recent graduate in communication design with an option in media arts and a minor in broadcasting. The Mediars program was recommended by Chiara Ferrari, a media arts professor at California State University at Chico. Daniel will take this opportunity to travel through Italy before returning to the United States to begin his career.

Paola Mileto traveled to Contigliano from her home in Verona. Her field of interest began with Artificial Intelligence and grew to encompass networking and multimedia technology. As a computer scientist, Paola looked forward to exploring new ways to utilize this technology in an expressive and artistic way.

Yoshie Sakai is a multi media artist from Los Angeles who was encouraged to enroll in the Mediars program by Anne Bray, executive director of Freewaves, a non profit organization that promotes the work of new media artists. Yoshie enrolled in the course to learn more about interactive technology and its possibilities for her fine art practice.

Media Artists invited at the show:


Daniele Ciabattoni

Stefano Sburlati

exhibit service: Alessandro Cerroni (Sound&Light)