10 – 23 July, 2010 Contigliano, Rieti, Italy

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Final Exhibit Shadows in the cave

the second edition of the International Workshop on New Media and Culture is produced by the the Experimental Center MEDIARS and it’s under the patronage of  Herity International.

Herity is the only institution recognized by UNESCO to operate internationally on the quality certification on the cultural heritage. Herity certified hundreds of monuments and museums in the world, for example Herity works with the Pantheon, Castel S.Angelo and the Capitoline museum.

The Centro Sperimentale MEDIARS collaborated with the following partners:

Inglobe Technologies, donation of the Augmented Reality plug-in for Google SketchUp ($100 license value) to each participant.
Sabina Universitas and Universita’ La Sapienza,
Municipality of Contigliano,
Istituto Comprensivo Malfatti di Contigliano,
Rieti Sotterranea, the Underground Town (Rieti da Scoprire),
Alessandro Cerroni, Light&Sound, for the exhibition at the Rieti Sotterranea
Claudia Perilli, photographer

Shadows in the cave is the new media art show associated at the 2010 workshop edition

The workshop provides conceptual background and technical skills to develop interactive installations for arts, museums, facade projections and cultural exhibits.

Previous works is provided as examples on how to merge innovative interactive technology with history and culture.
It is a 2-week full-time course on visual arts, media theory and technology in their relation to the place. The workshop is designed for students, scholars and artists from architecture, design, media arts and science fields. Classes are in English with a high quality tutoring, they are thought for the students to produce at the end of the training, an interactive multimedia art work that is exhibited in the Rieti Sotterranea. The theme of this year was the water and its relationship with the technique, the power and the place.

Alessandro Marianantoni (director of MEDIARS) teaches the classes with the support of guest lecturers:

Maurizio Quagliuolo, HERITY International, Secretary-General
Introduction to the concept of Cultural Heritage and its participatory management

Daniele Ciabattoni, lecture on live media techniques. Daniele is a well known live media designer in Italy.  Among his works, digital set for:  Festival di Sanremo, music tour for Elisa and X Factor s a Italian singing competition contest.

Graziano and Alessandro Terenzi at InGlobe Technologies, leader on augmented reality technology,
Augmented Reality Applications to Design and Cultural Heritage.

Carlo Cellamare, urban planning faculty at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”
the Velino river and the water system in the
Reatinian area, present and historical evolution.

Stefano Sburlati, media artist and PhD student on Cultural Heritage at the Politecnico of Torino exhibited Cuore.uno.punto.zero as guest artist.

The international students students stayed at the B&B  Locanda Bellarmino in the historic center, lunches at the restaurant Agrodolce and classes in English at the Castle of Contigliano, case studies and site visit around the Rieti area.

MEDIARS Workshop and Exhibit 2010 from Mediars on Vimeo.