the first release of the software has been witten by Luca Martellucci for the Il Castello Sensibile. fluXsensi returns directions of motions, speed and an estimate amount of people at the door of the Castle of Contigliano, during the  traditional re-enactment of the historic assault. The data was used to control the color of the light projectors.

fluXsensi was also used for:

Futurism + 100
OTIS College of Art and Design
Los Angeles, February 20, 2009

Zeroglyphicsssssss! (BETA)
OTIS College of Art and Design | UCLA
Los Angeles, March 6-8, 2008

and it was the starting point to determine train speed and street traffic for:

California State Parks | UCLA CENS | UCLA REMAP | Walt Disney Imagineering
Los Angeles, November 1-4, 2007