U.S. Post-Election Immigration Update and Work Visa Strategies for Startups

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For foreign national startup founders and employees, having a work visa solution is critical to securing funding, building partnerships, and ensuring future success in the United States.

Yet, there has never been a more volatile time in the U.S. immigration space.

The goal of this event is to provide quality information, creative solutions, and a sense of direction for you and your employees as you navigate the immigration system.

Jeff Goldman, Founder of Jeff Goldman
Immigration will lead a discussion to:
1. Outline likely scenarios based on the results of the presidential election;

2. Review work visa options to help companies strategize solutions for key foreign talent;

3. Introduce the cap-exempt H-1b visa solution with partner organization Open Avenues.

Join us to unpack the complex immigration system and discuss new pathways to stay and build in the United States.

November 10th, 9:00AM PST (18:00 CET)