Startup Summer School

los angeles m acceleratorm accelerator is an innovative, Los Angeles-based startup school designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with interactive, hands-on learning that helps them to develop the skills needed to get a start-up idea off the ground. Our international program offers 12-week courses throughout the year and 4-week summer school sessions that consist of lectures and workshops focusing on marketing, communication, and English language skills, as well as the finer points of taking a startup from concept to reality.


Our principles of creativity and mentorship, paired with an intensive abroad study program provide the platform for young entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to expand their talents and explore their potential. It all takes place in the epicenter of the booming Los Angeles tech scene. What can you expect when you join the m accelerator program?


Startup Summer Program

Are you an individual or member of a team that already has a startup idea? Perhaps you’re searching for the kernel of inspiration to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a profitable reality. At m accelerator, we’re seeking ambitious and enthusiastic visionaries seeking guidance and empowerment through expert training and mentorship.


Our 4-week summer startup program will take place from August 1-24, 2018 at our dedicated L.A. workspace and feature lectures and workshops hosted by business experts, entrepreneurs, and teachers from top American universities. Hands-on workshops are designed to challenge participants with the ultimate goal of generating new ideas and creating complete business plans. The program culminates in a pitch day, during which participants will unveil their projects.


m accelerator focuses on concepts and innovations in technology that are changing the world we live in right now. The current program features four areas of investigation, including:

– Industry 4.0: IoT (Internet of Things)

– Cyber-Physical Systems

– Computing Smart Building Technologies

– Automation Arts, Entertainment, Culture, Media Production


Our summer abroad program also includes the Entrepreneur Series, featuring meetings with a network of notable entrepreneurs and mentors operating in the Los Angeles area. These real-world experts provide valuable information and insights to program participants on the verge of launching their own startups. Some of these events will be captured on the m accelerator blog. Our professional partnerships include, but are not limited to: BIC Lazio, Kaplan International, Lyft, Netflix, and UCLA Extension.


Tech Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only the third largest technology ecosystem after Silicon Valley and New York, but it is also the fastest growing tech economy in the U.S. Los Angeles is unique in that it offers a confluence of technology, art, and entertainment, making for a creative and dynamic environment in which to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. The city features over 2,300 startups, providing incalculable prospects for program participants to network with other entrepreneurs and founders, as well as potential investors. The opportunity to expand your professional network is one of the best reasons to join an m accelerator program.

downtown los angeles

L.A. is also a prime location for anyone interested in vacation study. Many program participants are first-time visitors to the U.S., and Los Angeles offers unique opportunities for fun and sightseeing outside of program hours. We encourage startup program participants to explore the surrounding area. Those who enroll by December 31st will receive special offers, including:

– One ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood ($100 value)

– Gift cards for Lyft and Uber

– A 3-month subscription to Netflix (starting two months prior to the summer program)

– One surfing lesson each week at Santa Monica Beach


Idea Design & Entrepreneurship

The m accelerator startup school is dedicated to providing exceptional value through mentorship and a practical, hands-on approach to learning. Our 12-week abroad study programs feature 200 hours of intensive learning, including lectures, workshops, and individual coaching, and our 4-week summer school provides an accelerated version of this program.


Our approach to teaching follows the Multi-Modal Idea Design method, supporting creative learning while preparing to overcome real-world business challenges. Students are encouraged to view problems from the consumer perspective and work toward goals using techniques like visualization, journey-mapping, brainstorming, and concept development. Equally important, however, is developing a systematic approach to problem-solving. At m accelerator, we strive to pair experimentation with proven methods in order to create a safe, supportive environment in which aspiring entrepreneurs can explore innovative, “design-thinking” solutions.


Program Specifics

What is included in the m accelerator summer program? Here’s what you can expect.


The Offer Includes

– Pre-arrival support

– 4-week Startup School

– Accommodation in double occupancy units

– Temporary health insurance (for international travelers)

– Tickets to business networking events

**Airfare is not included


Program Breakdown

– Pre-arrival Kit

Prior to starting your Los Angeles m accelerator program, you’ll receive a pre-arrival kit designed to provide a smooth transition into your intensive coursework. The kit includes valuable resources and gifts intended to provide the support, guidance, and inspiration you can expect throughout your studies with m accelerator. Our webinar series will introduce you to our L.A. team and the Los Angeles area. You’ll learn about options for accommodation, nearby amenities and attractions, and some of the cultural and entertainment opportunities to explore when visiting Los Angeles. We want every participant to have a positive and fulfilling experience.


ESL students can begin to improve English language at home. Confirming at least three months in advance gives you the best opportunity to take advantage of early access to learning resources. Early enrollees can also take advantage of special offers, including a Netflix subscription available as early as two months prior to program participation. Don’t miss valuable opportunities – make sure to enroll early.


– From Idea to Business

How do you get from point A to point B with your business startup? We’ll explore the steps that take you from a concept to a concrete plan so you can develop a business model that supports measurable growth and competitive strategies. This course covers competitive analysis, creating and defining a unique selling proposition (USP), identifying ideal customers, and more. Real-world situations and applications are provided.


– Digital Marketing Advertising

Practical applications in digital marketing and advertising are essential to launching successful business startups, and this course focuses on tools, techniques, processes, and procedures for developing effective and efficient marketing strategies. Students will learn to identify keywords, integrate social media with other forms of business marketing, and effectively utilize AdWords and Facebook. Case studies are included to highlight effective and profitable advertising campaigns and introduce students to tried and tested methods.


– Visual Communication and Visual Design

Presentations are an essential component of gaining interest and investment dollars for your startup project. The Visual Communication and Visual Design course provides instruction on creating engaging and compelling presentations, integrating both storytelling and graphic design techniques. Samples, layouts, templates, and design ideas are provided.


– Pitching for Successful Presentations

There is both art and science to pitching, and considering the level of competition for investment in startups, you’ll need to master both. With instruction from a national pitch competition winner, students will gain valuable, practical information and insight into the process of creating effective pitches that will mean the difference between failure and success when lobbying investors.


– From Concept to Product Development

Practical workshops and case studies of real-world successes and failures are used to explore potential pathways leading from business concept to product development. Topics covered in this interactive course include minimum viable product (MVP), planning and scheduling, user personas for your MVP, product market fit, mockups, productivity tools, and how to find tech co-founders.


– Website and Landing Page

If you’re not online, you’re not visible. This course provides instruction in the creation of effective websites and landing pages, using WordPress CMS. Students will learn the to create visually appealing and user-friendly designs. Topics include themes research and installation, layout customization, plugins, A/B testing, calls to action (CTAs), and search engine optimization (SEO) for WordPress.


– Business English (for ESL student)

This course is designed to help ESL students develop English language skills, improving conversation, pronunciation, writing, and related skills. Several courses are offered based on proficiency, and students will be assigned to a class following testing and assessment. Students may begin coursework up to two months prior to the program start date.


– Final Presentation

The startup program culminates in a presentation to pitch your startup. Audience members include other program participants, instructors, and local entrepreneurs and investors.



Participants in our international program will receive accommodations in Los Angeles. Double occupancy accommodations are included as part of the program. In addition, m accelerator arranges workspace for participants through nearby co-working facilities that exemplify the thriving international and entrepreneurial spirit of downtown Los Angeles.



Our Los Angeles workroom is centrally located, just steps from nearby startups, businesses, incubators, and other programs. When possible, m accelerator arranges tours at nearby businesses so students can glimpse the possible future of their own startup vision.



I don’t have a startup idea. Am I still eligible to participate in a startup program?

Absolutely. Individuals and teams are welcome to join, whether they have a startup idea coming into the program or not. All you need is a desire to succeed, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to work with a team to develop a project throughout the duration of the summer school program.


What are the benefits of participating in your study abroad program?

– Learn to structure a business plan, starting with an idea

– Develop effective pitch techniques

– Understand investor requirements

– Create and manage a website with WordPress

– Improve English language skills (for ESL students)

– Gain social and cultural enrichment in a friendly and tolerant international community

– Stand out in an international marketplace


This is my first trip to the U.S. How can I prepare?

In over a decade of organizing our international program, we’ve learned that many of our exchange students are visiting the U.S. for the first time. The vacation study experience can cause both excitement and trepidation. As a result, we’ve developed a Guide for Departure that we send to international students, and anyone in our abroad study program can also participate in a series of preparatory meetings and seminars prior to departure in order to ensure a positive and rewarding experience.


For further information, contact us today at:

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