Crediti Formativi

If you’re a university student you may be interested in earning academic credits during this program. For this matter we have agreements with some academic institutions in the US and Italy. If your institution isn’t among these, please read below.

These are suggested steps to earn academic credit at your home institution for your study abroad experience:

1.       We recommend that as early as possible you speak with us about this matter to learn about potential course options that you are interested in. We will provide the syllabi and course descriptions that you might need.

2.       Meet with your study abroad office or academic advisor to review your course options

3.       Receive a signed pre-approval form from your home university and check if the study abroad courses are integrated into the GPA.

4.       According to your home institution policy ensure that we have correct contact information of the person at your home institution who will receive your official transcripts.

5.       Take all course material back with you, in case it is ever needed.