join fellow filmmakers, artists, designers and experts at Fermo in Le Marche Italy, as we explore modern storytelling techniques and produce a project for the town of Fermo.

a multifaceted experimental approach to read and communicate the beauty of a territory. Using new media tools, the workshop Fermo 2014 crafts an innovative interface to tell stories on the town of Fermo, its richness in history, characters and traditions. The contemporary digital era heavily relies on transmedia: filmmaking, data visualization and interactive media design, to internationally communicate local contents and information.

  • image_develop visiting
    Learning local history and culture, visiting sites and locations, and meeting the local community also through public events.
  • image_bulb brainstorming
    elaborate the lectures and learnings into creative multidisciplinary brainstorming with participants and instructors.
  • image_setup design
    transform ideas into a multilayered form of treatment with concepts drawings, storyboards and a production plan.
  • image_deliver shooting
    finally an intense production phase: shooting on locations and in studio, post-production and presentation in town.

This workshop is designed to expand participants’ creativity and skills in digital storytelling design and production of videos and interactive contents through new media making, while widening their knowledge and understanding of the current scene within this innovative and multidisciplinary field.

Our intensive program is a unique opportunity to produce a digital storytelling production in the form of a short film and interactive contents for local culture, art and craft, fashion, and food. The workshop teaches conceptual background, design skills and production methods.

SCHEDULE for 2014 Participants
Detailed schedule to be released, you can read our past 2013 schedule

During the weeks prior the arrival in Italy the participants receive all information about logistics, travel, accommodation and material on the project. Also some level of interaction on the project starts before the arrival.

Sat, Jun 21 arrival in Italy, registration/check in.
19:00 General introduction

Sun, Jun 22 Introduction workshop, town visit.

Mon, Jun 23 Topics introductions, technical introductory. Location scounting

Tue, Jun 24 and Wed, Jun 25 Classes and discussions on Character Design, Storyline and Narrative Forms, Methods.

Tue, Jun 24 - Thu, Jun 26 Visits and documentation.

Wed, Jun 25 - Fry, Jun 27 Brainstorming and pre-production.

Sat, Jun 28 Production/Shooting.

Sun, Jun 29 Visit surroundings/beach.

Mon, Jun 30 Production/Shooting.

Tue, Jul 1 - Thu, Jul 3 Post-production/integration.

Fry, Jul 4 Presentation Event.

Sat, Jul 5 Departure.

After the workshop the produced material will be submitted to festivals and presented to public events, exhibits and conferences.

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing valid passport and any visa requirement (tourist visa). If needed, MEDIARS may assist during the process.
You can fly in thorugh three main airports: Ancona, Rome, Bologna. We will support you with Travel recommendation.

Mediars is a non-profit experimental concept hub operating between Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA and Italy since 2006, recently also equipped by a commercial division.

we focus on promoting youth mobility and increasing the chances of small and medium sized municipalities to become centers of innovation. MEDIARS implements its goals through cultural experiences integrating art, technology, and entertainment. We study and develop systems that can be used in various fields such as video production or multimedia setups for museums, usage of public areas, theatre shows, and new forms of live shows. One of our focuses is the interplay between sciences and art and between the digital and the real world. MEDIARS innovative technical experiments are geared towards the creation of new forms of shows that emphasize audience participation.

We are a non-profit experimental concept hub operating between Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA and Italy since 2006 working with artists and professionals to create innovations and short circuits.
the previous edition of the workshop was held at the Lake Como, here a summary in numbers.
  • milestones_image_01 26

    espresso per day including the cappuccino we have for breakfast.

  • milestones_image_02 33

    meters tall is the height of the monument from where we shot.

  • milestones_image_03 10

    minutes late for breakfast long working days don't help in the morning.

  • milestones_image_04 174

    photos per day 2443 photos in our archive, without the timelapse shots.

  • milestones_image_05 900

    cm of silk about 9 meters of silk fabric for the video production.

  • milestones_image_06 700

    seconds to fly time the drone can fly before landing on the lake.

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