Workshop wrap up

The art show Shadows in the Cave
wrapped up the second edition of the international workshop on Interactive Media.

Here is the link to some pictures taking during the exhibit flickr

Waiting for the enrollment to the 2001 edition to open, Mediars is establishing new collaborations with universities, both in Italy and abroad, with a stronger involvement of US Campus.

A special thanks goes to the people, the institutions and companies that supported the second edition of the workshop and made it possible.

Alessandro Cerroni, Light&Sound
Istituto Comprensivo Malfatti of Contigliano
Viviana and Roberto della Locanda Bellarmino
Contigliano City Hall
The Centro Giovanile of Contigliano
Agrodolce Restaurant, Contigliano
Rita Giovannelli and her cultural association Rieti da Scoprire
Il Carro Restaurant

Also, Mediars wants to thank:

Herity International
Sabina Universitas
InGlobe Technology