Transforming Hollywood 5: The Future of Television

For the past four years, Transmedia, Hollywood, a UCLA/USC co-sponsored symposium, has provided an interdisciplinary summit for the free interchange of insights about how transmedia works and what it means as well as looking at the dramatic changes in the entertainment industry as it adapts to a digital economy.

This year’s Transmedia, Hollywood conference is taking on a new challenge—tracking the major changes taking place in the television industry. Companies like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Microsoft Xbox, all of which began with very different goals than original series production, have slowly begun dipping their toes into the original content waters.

This evolution is a sure sign that big change is afoot in the entertainment industry. For that reason, UCLA and USC’s fifth annual Transmedia Hollywood becomes Transforming Hollywood 5: The Future of Television. The one-day symposium, set for April 4, 2014, will examine the landmark transformations that are impacting creators, distributors and audiences in extraordinary ways.

Topics to be covered include reinventing TV for the digital future, video streaming on demand, independent content creation, as well as re-imagining television consumption. Continuing in the tradition of previous years, panelists—cutting edge industry leaders and innovators, content creators, artists and scholars—will tackle these issues in a series of lively debates that take into consideration both the practical and business realities of these shifts, as well as their cultural implications.

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