Seminar on Grants for Startups

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April 7th 9:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Featuring – The OpenGrants platform is a search engine and expert marketplace unlocking non-dilutive U.S. funding for organizations around the world. We’re empowering startups, nonprofits, grant writers, foundations, and government agencies to participate in a new paradigm of funding.

General Description:
Public Funding 101 is a crash course in navigating non-dilutive grant funding for founders. Sedale will cover the nuances of securing public funding and working with the government. You will learn how to find grant funding, evaluate opportunities, and develop relationships with government agencies.
You will learn how to find grant funding, evaluate opportunities, and develop relationships with government agencies.

Sedale will help you think through:
  • How to prepare your company to receive grant funding
  • How to find, win and manage grant funding
  • Managing issues of IP, liability, etc when working with the government
  • Managing cash flow with government grant agreements
  • Accessing your civil servants

You’ll walk away from this session:

  • Understanding the basics of submitting competitive grant applications
  • How to know if grants are a good fit for your startup
  • How to prepare your company to receive a grant.


SPEAKER: Sedale Turbovsky

CEO. Startup Junkie. Professional Human Being. Investor. Business Designer. Strategic Consultant. Guide. Musician.

Sedale Turbovsky is the CEO and co-founder of OpenGrants, a venture-backed startup focused on building a modern infrastructure for funding. He has been an entrepreneur since childhood. After honing his leadership skills as an outdoor guide in his younger years, he started his professional career as an independent consultant focused on delivering data products and digital strategies to enterprise clients in South America.

He is experienced in independent grant writing and public/private partnerships at the highest level, having worked directly with OpenGrants’ current strategic partner, Momentum. Prior to OpenGrants, Sedale served as the CEO of carbonBLU, a successful SaaS startup solving challenges in fleet management. Sedale led the company through MVP and helped secure a healthy pipeline of government contracts. During that time, he gained intimate knowledge of the challenges and pitfalls of applying for and managing grant funding as a technology startup, which was the impetus for OpenGrants.


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