HTML5 web app contest

We’d like to receive an proposal from you before Novembre 22th, with some preliminary info on the technology and artistic spin. The project, or a first version of it, must be finished by December 10th. Our budget is in the range of 1,500-4,000 euros, depending on the quality of the proposal.

WHO/WHAT: Tecnoconsult International (“TI”) – as developer of the 120M€ and 57,000sq.mts Open Media Park (Q1-2014) and Digital Artists Labs (Q1-2014), promoter and financer of Open Media Cluster,(Q3-2012) and operator of the Opem Media Hub (Q1-2011) – would like to make a timeline-based web animation that would describe the evolution of the Hub, Cluster and Park project to date and its unfolding in time.
(Websites and under underconstruction)

STORY: We see it as mostly 2D animation where – while a timeline on the screen (on a top slider?) – elapses months and years, a zooming in and out of an aerial view of the area is combined with an appearing of overlay images, vectorial elements and text elements – will describe what building of office/production spaces and localization of media/video services have happned and will happen in time (1990-2014), with an decisive enphiasis on what we (TI) have done and will do.

FORMATS: Possibily, it would be something that can be used, possibly with slight modification, primarily as a self-presentation with audio that can be launched on the site which may also:
– for non-HTML5 browsers: be saved as a h264 video (or as a flash file)
– be runnable and understandable without audio
– be started from different points in the timeline
– ? be used for live presentation in alternative to a powerpoint presentation
– ?? linkable to a page on the side of the presentation screen where a list of more detailed description of the events unrolling (taken from our Timeline page) would scroll on in sync with the animation (as it seem to be possibile with popcorn.js)
– … more

The animation should be editable for the future as the project changes.

-aerial view from Google Maps
-onlique views from Bing Maps
-streetside views from Google Streetview (Santa Cornelia, Cassia Bis, Via Olmetti (i.e. Hub) and more)
-list of core descriptions of each project, websites (and updated&extended website by end Novembre 2011)
-street side 3D renderings of the architecture, plus one SW aerial oblique
-new (urban) plans, including new roads and new highway exit
-Cluster project:
-new (urban) plans,
-Hub (operational by 11-30-2011:
-detailed floor plans
-pictures of the refurbished spaces (available by November 25th)