Centro Sperimentale

The Centro Sperimentale MEDIARS is a non-profit cultural association that fosters mobility, research, education and production working with a multidisciplinary process on art, culture and technology.
The center, funded in 2006 with a public start-up grant from the Regione Lazio, runs its core activities between the Rieti, Rome and Los Angeles.

Over the years MEDIARS built an international network that includes universities, companies, professionals and public institutions. Mediars main goal is to create innovation and increase the capabilities for action of small and medium sized towns within the internationalization of their relations context.

Collaborating with private and public entities, MEDIARS uses new media as a glue for the different disciplines and fields represented by the individuals involved in each project, either educational or artistic,  our goal is always to work across cultural differences and identities.

In collaboration with local municipalities and other institutions MEDIARS runs a yearly international workshop on New Media and Culture.